The 0VIX Chads Family Explained

4 min readMay 1, 2022

What’s the Chads Family and How to Join

It comes with no surprise that community is among the most important leverages for a project, and at 0VIX we know this well.

This is why today we are proud to announce the constitution of the 0VIX Chad family — a group of highly motivated, goal-driven blockchain and DeFi enthusiasts located in different parts of the globe and all united by the same passion: supporting the growth of the 0VIX protocol as the leading DeFi lending protocol on the Polygon network.

What’s the 0VIX Chads family?

Executing our vision is a big task that requires strong commitment, long-term vision, technical acumen, and hard work. That’s why at 0VIX we’re working with the Chads to spread the word about the project, increase visibility and help us become the biggest lending DeFi protocol on Polygon.

In order to achieve this, we adopt high ethical standards and measure to ensure members are given the right balance between incentives, mentorship, and social status.

In the family we have 4 roles:

  • 0VIX chads
  • Mega chads
  • Ninja chads
  • Alpha chads

0VIX Chads 😎

When you join us, you start as a 0VIX Chad. You will play an important role in adding value to 0VIX by bringing our project in front of more people, engaging with the Web3 community, and proactively providing feedback, input, and making suggestions on how to grow the community.

You have the chance to earn rewards by participating in our activity farming program where you will be able to earn 2 types of incentives: base rewards and performance rewards. To kick things off in style, right now we are even offering a 25% bonus for deliveries aligned with our token launch priorities.

Mega Chads 💪🏼

Becoming a Mega Chads has one condition: on top of what you’d do as 0VIX Chad, you will connect with your community and achieve great engagement on all your content. This status works well if you’re a KOL or influencer, but it’s not limited to it. High-quality submissions stand out and have the power to go viral — we support this and we will help you promote some of the best content on our social media.

Mega Chads have the doors opened to be promoted to Alpha Chad 😎

Ninja Chads 🥷

To accomplish our mission, we need Zen-like Calm — that sense of feeling relaxed, present, and sure of our focus.

Our Ninjas are the foundation of the family, they work behind the scenes to create new connections, enlarge the family, and make sure operations run smoothly. Ninjas are highly trusted Chads, who can still participate in Activity Farming, but whose focus is primarily on maintaining the high ethical standards of the family and ensuring quality and growth are delivered through the program.

Nija Chads have the doors opened to be promoted to Alpha Chad 😎

Alpha Chads 🏆

Alpha Chads are the top-ranking members of the family. They are visionaries, highly-motivated and highly-trusted individuals who direct their positive energy to the other generations. Their work ethic is far above average, and it is fuelled by that strong desire to reach the Chads family’s end goal: to help 0VIX in becoming the leading DeFi lending protocol on the Polygon network. They help steward the program and work closely with Ninja Chads and the 0VIX team.

Benefits of being part of the Chad Family

  • Your contributions become your legacy. All while reaping the rewards of associating with a leading DeFi protocol.
  • Courses: get the required knowledge with regular course enrollment to further develop your skills.
  • Hall Of Fame: Get the chance to have some of your works inducted into the 0VIX hall of Fame
  • Company Swag: Get rewarded with cool company swag like T-shirts, Hoods, etc, and show off the power of 0VIX!
  • Priority Access: Access product updates, industry-leading research, and much more. Before everyone else.
  • Network: Build your own network of crypto degens. Exchange ideas, memes, and leave behind a legacy.
  • Lead: Build and foster the 0VIX community. Educate and empower a new era of DeFi users.
  • Rewards: Base rewards, Performance Rewards, and Bonus Rewards for Chads upon meeting the minimum KPIs.

If you identify yourself as 0VIX Chad and you’d like to scale your way up to Alpha Chad status, please send us your application via this form and a Ninja Chad will get in touch with you.

We’re looking forward to starting this exciting journey with you!

Team @ 0VIX

About 0VIX

0VIX is an open-source lending and borrowing protocol enhanced with veTokenomics. Our focus is providing stable and sustainable yields for Polygon users, through our native token $VIX. We aim to bring billions of dollars of liquidity to Polygon by providing the 3000+ app ecosystem with its first native money market.

0VIX is built by the GOGO Protocol team, 35+ professionals, spread across 3 continents, with deep crypto/DeFi expertise and with roots in banking, finance, tech as well as more than 10 years of experience in building multi-billion dollar tech companies such as N26, Consensys, Binance, Deutsche Bank and Sovryn.

Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Website

Chat directly with the 0VIX community and Chads on Discord.




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