Introducing Keom: The Rebrand

5 min readAug 30, 2023


  • 0VIX is rebranding to Keom
  • The rebrand was in discussions and preparation for a while due to trademark considerations and a new strategic focus
  • There will be a governance vote on merging the 0VIX lending dapps with Keom. During this time and will remain live.
  • The new Keom landing page is LIVE HERE
  • Users can expect a new suite of products to be unveiled starting with Keom Margin, the first fully on-chain leveraged trading protocol on Polygon zkEVM

This is big news, folks! The protocol is embarking on its next chapter in which 0VIX Beta will transition to Keom. You can expect a rebranded identity, a new co-founder to be announced, a revitalized mission, and a new suite of AI-enhanced trading products leveraging advanced zero-knowledge technology. The rebrand to Keom signifies a major step, alongside the community, in reshaping the landscape of DeFi and challenging traditional finance.

The goal of embarking on this new chapter, expanding the product offering, plus part two of [REDACTED], is a full recovery in which the protocol comes back stronger than before and the community is made whole.

To keep up with all the incoming Keom alpha make sure to join the hub of the community on Discord!

Why the Rebrand?

In response to a request to refrain from using the name 0VIX as it is too close to a preexisting trademark, we have embarked on a rebranding journey. This transition aligns with our strategic shift, drawing insights from the 0VIX Beta phase on product development and security, and propelling us towards a new era of innovation.

Utilizing cutting-edge tech (AI + ZK), we remain steadfast in our pursuit of achieving product-market fit. Our evolution into Keom underscores our dedication to learning from our history and leveraging it to shape our future. We are poised to revolutionize our core lending market with a suite of synergistic on-chain products, enhanced by AI capabilities, and powered by Polygon 2.0’s zk-centric vision.

The Meaning Behind Keom

Keom is a unique name for a unique offering but it represents more than just a new name — it embodies our vision and the transformative power of AI and DeFi. Standing for “Knowledge Engine for Optimal Markets,” Keom embodies our commitment to creating intelligent, high-performance finance. It symbolizes the synergy between our AI-powered suite of trading products and the optimal markets we aim to establish. Fun fact, the word Keom, translates to ‘smile’ in the Indonesian language Sundanese, and is associated with achievement, aligning with our mission to empower traders.

What does it mean for the 0VIX Community?

  • All social accounts will change to Keom today
  • The 0VIX DAO will vote on merging 0VIX Lending on PoS and zkEVM with Keom
  • PreVIX will be swappable for [REDACTED] in the near future
  • Exploited wallets will also become eligible for [REDACTED] pending a governance vote

Learnings from the past

Keom takes valuable lessons from the 0VIX Beta phase and is implementing enhanced risk measures to mitigate potential exploits.

  • Refining the token listing process on the protocol to incorporate advanced risk measures, thereby mitigating potential Oracle exploits.
  • Enhancing risk parameters to include mechanisms designed to prevent toxic liquidation spirals.
  • Utilizing Hexagate’s real-time exploit detection alert system, which will feed into the Keom pause guardian, enabling immediate response to potential exploits within the same block.

What is Keom Margin and what does it offer?

Keom margin automates lending market operations to allow users to open up to 5x leveraged positions in a single click.

How does Keom Margin beat trading on Perpetual Exchanges?

  • Competitive fees — Instead of paying high funding rates (sometimes up to 40–60% annualized), Keom Margin offers highly competitive rates based on the current lending rates for each market; so for example, if you go 2x long on ETH you pay ~3.5% APY whilst keeping the position open as opposed to a similar position on a Perpetual Exchange with 60% APY in funding rate fees.
  • Softer Liquidations — If your liabilities become too large relative to your collateral, your position will be sanitized without it necessarily getting closed entirely.
  • Fully on-chain without the use of synthetic assets
  • Cross-collateralized leveraged trading (launching soon)

How will Keom be enhanced by AI?

Keom will launch an AI assistant that abstracts complexity to execute trades and support borrowers and traders with risk analysis, market analysis, and position management with an AI-enabled conversational UI.

Keom and Global Regulatory Compliance

Keom is prioritizing regulatory requirements to offer peace of mind to users by spearheading the movement toward compliant DeFi. This is a proactive effort in contrast to the status quo to protect users, ensure the long-term viability of the protocol, and attract institutional players.

Keom aims at preserving the power of decentralized technology by integrating rather than averting regulations, and actively engaging in regulatory debates.

  • Clear setup under Swiss laws
  • Proactive compliance with specific MiCA requirements in the EU
  • Aiming at compliance with forthcoming US bills


  • For all Keom-related questions, join the hub of our community on Discord
  • If you are an affected 0VIX PoS user, please join the PoS recovery Discord Channel to keep up with the latest news and for any questions. Here is a step-by-step process on how to become part of the discussion:
  • Join 0VIX’s Discord via
  • Go to the “collabland-join” channel and verify using the “Let’s go” button → you will receive an “0VIX User” role
  • After you receive the “0VIX User” role, you will be able to see a channel called “pos-recovery” in the Community category where you can ask any questions and follow the recovery progress

About Keom

Keom is an AI-enhanced suite of ZK-powered trading experiences, pioneering the first fully on-chain leveraged trading protocol on Polygon zkEVM, without the use of synthetic assets. Committed to compliant DeFi, Keom leads innovation in risk metrics and methodologies, empowered by world-class tech, legal expertise, and R&D.

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Keom is an AI-enhanced suite of zk-powered trading products, spearheading performant DeFi with intelligent tools and hard-coded compliance.