0VIX pre-mining $VIX explained

3 min readSep 16, 2022

All 0VIX.com users who supply or borrow to/from any market listed on 0VIX will now be eligible for pre-mined $VIX rewards/incentives

We are thrilled to announce that $VIX pre-mining is now live. Strategies using 0VIX have just got A LOT juicer. Let the liquidity rush commence!

Go to 0VIX.com and get competitive APY just by depositing BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, DAI, MAI, MATIC, or MaticX. You also get rewards when you borrow! The more you lend or borrow the greater your $VIX rewards. Beat that, TradFi.

Note: Users will be able to claim their pre-mined $VIX rewards after the $VIX token launch subject to vesting. Rewards are calculated and updated every epoch (1 week) based on your activity during the previous epoch

The goal of the $VIX pre-mining incentive program is to boost the following metrics:

  • User growth
  • TVL growth
  • TVL stickiness (how much capital is retained as a result of the campaign)

This special rewards program runs in approximately 1-week-long epochs, starting and ending at random times to keep it fair for everyone. Each user will get accumulated $VIX rewards every epoch without needing to trigger or do anything. Just sit back and watch as your rewards increase every epoch at the top-right reward box.

Here’s a little FAQ we put together to give you a better understanding of the pre-mining program:

What do I have to do to get $VIX pre-mining rewards?

Nothing! No additional actions are needed from you, the 0VIX user. The more supplies and borrows you have, the higher the cut of the rewards will be going your way. It’s that simple.

What if I’m doing loops? (supply, borrow, supply, borrow, etc.), do I still get rewards?

Yes, totally! This will actually boost the protocol’s TVL.

Can I manipulate the rewards by supplying/borrowing just before the epoch time and then undo the action?

Nope. That’s the point of epochs running at random intervals — you can try to manipulate it but you risk losing all your rewards.

How are the APRs calculated for individual markets

Initially, $VIX rewards will be evenly distributed on all markets for supplying and borrowing. This is subject to change.

The total epoch rewards are divided by the number of markets. There are 8 markets currently, with each market receiving the same amount of rewards per epoch. This means that markets with low TVL (TVS + TVB) will get higher APRs than other markets. This incentivizes users to supply/borrow to those markets with high APR, which is healthy for the protocol.

How are rewards calculated?

You get a score based on your contribution to every market you have supplied to or borrowed from. Your score for each market is then added together for a totalUserScore. To calculate your share of the total $VIX reward, your totalUserScore is divided by the sum of all scores from all accounts on the protocol.

Go to 0VIX now and start earning your $VIX tokens now!

About 0VIX

0VIX is the first veTokenomics lending market with dynamic interest rates on Polygon. It focuses on providing stable and sustainable yields for Polygon users through the native token $VIX. Founded by an experienced DeFi and FinTech team, the 0VIX protocol aims to bring billions of dollars of liquidity to Polygon. 0VIX’s goal is to be the primary lending market on Polygon while supporting the 39,000+ app ecosystem and Polygon Edge (Blockchain-as-a-service).

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